If you do have a confirmed dispute with another party, best is to solve it amicably through the services of an impartial mediator, were the opportunity to do so presenting itself.  This avoids or cuts short litigation, and limits costs significantly.  This means too that I value my impartiality and would like, therefore, to request that you ask your lawyers, your accountants or any competent third party to contact me, or that you do so with a telephone call to Virtual Lawyers which serves as an online legal platform through which my services as mediator are also independently offered. For Namibian, Zimbabwean and Saudi Arabian citizens, my services as mediator are available, respectively, via Windhoek-based Mediation Namibia, Harare-based Africa Institute for Mediation and Arbitration, and Riyadh-based Saudi Centre for Commercial Arbitration.  Please contact them in this regard. 

Ferdie Lochner

Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: (+27) 84 444 3643

Skype: (+27) 21 813 6970